How to Write an SEO Friendly Article

To achieve an adequate web positioning we must pay a lot of attention to the contents that we publish in our page. For this, it is essential that we take advantage of content marketing and follow the guidelines necessary to produce quality and original posts. Writing a SEO friendly article, that is, search engine friendly is the main tool that we should turn to. We cannot forget that content is the king of our website and will help us to position ourselves much better. There are many techniques and tips that will make our posts valued by Google, we will review some of them.

Density of keywords

Keywords should serve to index our content in search engines, but do not forget that we write for people and not for robots. Therefore, repeating keywords without further ado is a serious mistake that will prevent our positioning from working as expected. Google recognizes semantic associations. This means that it is fixed in the context and associates different words that can be used to talk about the same subject. It is essential that before you begin to write think about the keywords you will use and do it naturally. Avoiding redundancies is a great success.

When we talk about keyword density we do not refer to a number without more. We must emphasize this, because the important thing is to use the keywords correctly. Our readers should read the article comfortably and naturally. It is generally said that the density of the keywords should be around 1% to 2%, although the key is that they are well used. This is what you will really achieve to position a website through quality content.

How to Write an SEO Friendly Article

Length of an SEO friendly article

It has always been said that Google rewards long texts. This is true, but we must pay attention to other aspects as well. If we write a 1500 word post in which all we do is rebound and spin on the same idea, we run the risk that Mr. Google will penalize us some people are using article rewriter tool for content and they are using spun content for their website which is not quality content. It is true that for search engines, longer texts are better, but they must be of quality. It is essential to express the ideas we want to convey, avoiding to extend an article just by granting it greater length.

For an article to help you position a website it is necessary that it contain a minimum of 300 words. From there, the longer and higher quality, the better. For this it is necessary to analyze the needs of your target audience and offer them the content they are looking for. Extend everything you need to explain what you have to tell, but do not include stuffing content that brings nothing to the reader. Sometimes a clear and concise 500-word text can provide much more than an extremely long post that shows no novel ideas. Writing a good article is the most important thing.

Internal and External Links

The use of links in articles is very necessary for the content to show higher quality. Thanks to the links, we will be offering our readers an extra contribution of information related to the article we have written. If we also optimize the links for SEO properly, we will be facilitating the indexing of pages. This will be very good for us to position ourselves in the best way.

Internal links: They are fundamental for our readers to stay longer in our web. We also provide a wealth of content to the post in question, betting on providing quality and detailed information on the subject we are dealing with.


External links: I, personally, am not given to abuse the external links. They are critical to completing the information we offer our readers. In addition, they will help us improve the SEO and pageranck position of our site, if we know how to do. In my opinion, the main thing is to learn how to properly use the internal links and, from then on, to link to external sites that offer us security and trust.

Creating lists to improve the SEO of an article

The lists attract the reader and facilitate reading a lot. In addition, our target audience will get quick information at a glance. This is a fairly used technique when writing an SEO friendly article, although we should not abuse the lists. The original and quality content brings more security and confidence to those who are reading.

The power of images

Everything visual is fundamental for optimum positioning. We live in an era in which we give a lot of importance to the image, we need pleasant contents that enter our eyes and are friendly. The correct use of the images in your posts can help you maintain the SEO in the best way.


Images must be optimized for SEO. That is, it must visually contain the keyword. In addition, it is essential to use the tools available to insert our keyword into each image. This way we will be creating SEO friendly visual content

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