Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair Review [2017]

Panasonic is one of those brands that you can trust blindly. For decades, they have been manufacturing some of the best electronic appliances that have been popular throughout the world. This is mainly because of their skilled team of engineers and innovative technology used in their products.

Undoubtedly, their World’s best massage chair is also leading the market regarding design, features, and price. The Panasonic Massage Chairs have been built after closely researching and studying the techniques and movements used by the human therapist. In this way, their massage chairs give you a realistic massage experience, and this makes it worthwhile to invest in the brand.

One of the Best Panasonic Massage Chair of 2017 is the Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro Ultra and here is a quick review of it.

Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair Reviews

Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro Ultra

It is a limited edition massage chair but has more elegant and comfortable design as compared to other massage chairs in the industry. This massage chair boasts a Shiatsu Massage Feature and over eight pre-programmed massage sessions to choose from. Here are some of its great features.

1: Massage Combinations

It features more than 1000 massage combinations that ensure a relaxing and luxurious massage session. The massage chair also has a body scan system that automatically measures your body and then matches it with the 1000 massage combinations to pick the best one that suits your body.

2: 3D Body Scan

This technology accurately measures your height, shape, and overall ergonomics to ensure a fully focused massage sessions. This features also helps the massage chair to focus on the stress points and provide instant relief from all day pain and tension. Sometimes people don’t have massage chairs and like to give themselves a great back massage, I’d recommend them handheld back massagers that are easy to use.

3: Junetsu Massage

This technique is officially under the Panasonic trademark, and it uses the thumb roll massage techniques that were used by the ancient Japan people. This helps a lot to target the specific areas on your body and the built-in pressure from the chair loosens the stiff muscles and joints.

4: User-Friendly Controls

Its main control panel is located near the arm rest and contains eight programmed massage functions that activate with a simple push of the button. These include the Junetsu Ultra Knead, Shiatsu Massage, Kneading, Stretching, Swedish, Tapping, Grasp, Full and Regional Rolling massage. Moreover, you can also recline the chair to your desired position so that your body is in a position where the feet and heart are in level with each other. Foot massage isn’t possible in it you can do it manually using this tutorial: how to massage feet. Apart from the auto recline feature, it also has auto intensity control adjustment. So, you don’t need to deal with the controls too much. Simply rest your back on the chair and enjoy the massage.


  • Gives a relaxing massage with pre-programmed massage functions.
  • Has a comfortable seating with a wood finish that looks elegant and beautiful in the room.
  • 3D body scans automatically detect the body and matches it with thousands of massage combinations.
  • Uses different massage techniques to provide instant


  • Because the chair has multiple types of machinery inside and is made of wood, it is quite heavy and bulky as well and may not fit in small rooms.
  • Limited edition and may not be available for too long.
  • Not for people with limited budget.


Overall the Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair is the best option for you. It is luxurious, relaxing and worth the price paid for. You can check out its price and more details on Amazon.

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The 8 Best Social Networks On Android

It begins to seem that if you are not in a social network you are nobody. We are all at least one, but the average is in the membership of two or more social networks, and there are those who spend all day hooked without being able to stop uploading their thoughts, photos or links of interest. And in case you may not be one of those who know all of them below we show you a list of the ten best social networks for Android, each with its usefulness and its particularity, ranging from the most popular, Facebook, to other less known as Path, through Twitter, LinkedIn, Tuenti, Google+, Badoo, Instagram, Pinterest and Foursquare.


And we’re going to start precisely for the number one application in both Android and computers. Facebook arrived not too long ago in our lives and yet it seems that we are nothing without it. However, there are many criticisms that hover over the application of Facebook for Android, either by the way it has to slow down the system or by the errors that sometimes produces. However, there it goes, to share your life with all your contacts, upload photos, videos, comments, links, and everything you want.



Precisely everything that is criticized to Facebook seems to be one of the strengths of Twitter. The fact of being a much simpler application based on short messages makes it much faster and more dynamic when sharing content, whether texts, photos or links of interest. Make the world follow you on Twitter and follow everyone to get in your hands all the hashtag of today.


As it happens to Facebook, Tuenti’s Android application does not turn out very well in users’ evaluations either. Similar to Facebook, with status updates, photographs and chat, but focused on capturing a younger audience, this application is accused of functionality and interface design problems. There is a variant with a more attractive visual appearance, but it seems that this is still more entangled than the main application.


The guys at Google, as usual, are at the forefront of designing applications for Android, and it’s not for nothing that Google+ is one of the best rated in Google Play. After its latest update, Google+ has been given an impeccable look that adapts to the format of your screen and that you will see as if it were a magazine of articles that you can also move and changing its place and importance according to your interests. It has a section called “Nearby” that allows you to see the interests of people in your surroundings, and another of interesting topics, in case you want to know something more than what your contacts say. In addition you can update your status, your photos, and your links, and link them with some of the many other Google applications, such as Google Maps.


Path is born with the vocation to become a social network that brings together your most intimate circles, like your best friends and your family, instead of being a place to collect thousands of contacts that in the end you do not even know who they are. This social network is assembled with a simple, pleasant and functional design, which makes it an application highly valued by users. You can update your status, share photos and links, and chat without stopping.


But if what you are interested in is the opposite, that is, knowing people outside of your circles, then you are looking for an application like Badoo. Badoo is a contacts app, where you can create a profile to find people that suit you and your interests to chat and, if you’re lucky, end with a romantic date. This social network has millions of users all over the world.


In a moment of crisis like the one in which we find ourselves, profiles of entrepreneurial workers are needed. And the social network to hang those profiles is LinkedIn, and if you do not know, then you’re late. Create your professional profile and contact other professionals to know where the world navigates in your sector of work. Share job searches and get information about employer companies to find jobs that fit your characteristics.


Instagram is the social network in images. Tell everything you want to tell, but do it with a photo or a video. Take photos from the application itself and treat it with filters and Instagram effects to make it look pretty and show it to the world. Become a follower of your friends and family, or of strangers whose profiles interest you, and have everyone follow your profile thanks to your images.

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What is Google Adsense and How to Configure It To Start Giving Benefits

We have explained in a previous post that advertising in Google Adsense is not the same as in Google Adwords. Remember that both platforms are free.So, we did not delve into how these platforms worked. Today we are going to do it with one of them. And we will start with Google Adsense, so that your website can produce extra income as soon as possible. Just do not embalm them. Do things well. Understand the process well and above all, and this is very important, let your website at least be operational in the network for a few months or be positioned on the first page of Google searches before creating your Adsense account and enter ads in your page. Here it is advisable to follow the Spanish proverb: “dress me slowly I’m in a hurry”.

When you create the web design of your business, you can, if you wish, reserve spaces for advertising on your page. Remember that we always work with WordPress. From this platform it will be much easier when integrating your ads, but it is compatible, of course, with Blogger or with any platform with which you design your websites. What happens is that with WordPress you will find plug-in that will help your advertising spaces to position themselves better. In everything there is strategy and you have to take care of all the details, if possible. So, with WordPress better. It is our advice.

Adsense on Blogger Everything You Need to Know Before Enrolling in the Program

The first thing is to have foreseen in the design of the pages of your website that there will be advertising (I do not only speak of the cover, since you can put ads within each of the posts you write or in other pages of the menu of your website). You must have foreseen how many announcements you will enter in your pages and in what position they will be seen. From that moment on, you can ask Mr. Google to integrate on your page the advertising of other brands or services that may be interested in appearing inserted among your contents. This is done through its Google Adsense tool, which is nothing more than an intermediary between advertising brands, advertisers, and you or people who are dedicated to creating web publications, online content, bloggers, video bloggers or creators of Apps. .

The spaces you have reserved for ads work as advertising blocks. The spaces will be available to Google so that others can, automatically, through Google Adwords, contract their advertising strategies online in the reserved space that you have designated. Yes, I said well. Advertising companies will hire their campaigns in Google Adwords and their ads will appear on those web pages that have been registered as support for those ads through Google Adsense. There is no magic in the whole process. It is a system that is perfectly studied and programmed and in which scam rate is very low, 0.3% of operations. All this is possible thanks to a programming developed with tracking algorithms that take the browsing data of users who perform a search on specific content. if you using any rewrite content you will be caugt by google if you already did that and your adsense got banned and want to check your adsense is still avaible or not you can use this free adsense banned checker tool by seotoolnetwork .These searches can take you to your page that responds to the profile of those searches and thanks to the traffic that Google brings you, you will have users who, if they click on the ads on your website, will report an economic benefit.

When you access this platform, the reserved spaces that you have planned for your website compete in a kind of market that works by bidding, as if it were an auction, to which many companies that wish to advertise go. As a result of that auction, the page with the highest bid will appear on your page. Google works with more than one million advertisers. You, as a support, you can choose what kind of ads can appear on your website and where. Also, if for any reason you want to block an advertiser you can program it.

In real time you will have statistics and metrics of how your Google Adsense account is going. You will know which ads perform the most and you can modify the configuration to test if you can optimize your results better.

What you have to do?

The first thing is to sign up and create an account in Google Adsense. If you do not sign up, you will not be able to configure the ads to appear on your page. Once you have registered a Google Adsense account you must log in.

If possible, register an email account in Gmail. That will make things easier. Remember that you are within the Google environment and that this is the largest Internet search engine in the world, so if you use your tools you will do better. Therefore, if you do not have a Gmail account yet, get one. Remember that it is also free.

After logging into Google Adsense, you must indicate the URL of your domain where you want Google Adsense ads to appear. If you have several websites or pages enabled for mobile you can also index them. Then you select the language of your website or online sites that you have and where you want to allow ads from third parties outside you. Finally, you have to accept the Adsense policy.

In addition, you have to provide different contact information requested by the template and send it to the Google Adsense manager.

Once you have completed all these simple requirements, Google makes a first verification and approval of your data. This operation will take a few seconds. After the registration and the first approval, it is time to configure the ads you want to appear on your page.

At this time, you must click on ‘my ads’ and click on that option. Then you choose to create a new ad block that will take you to a configuration screen where you can specify the instructions for your reserved space. For example, the size of the ad -which is measured by pixels-. You have to think about where you placed the ad and the space you have thought for it. Ideally, put a large ad and that is located in the header of your post, if you want to get more advertising performance. If you do not want to be so bold with the advertising market you can configure smaller spaces on the side of your blog. Obviously, these ads report fewer benefits.

Besides the size, which you see is very important, you have to tell Google Adsense if the ads you admit are text, you can enter static images or even admit both inserts. When you have specified it you will have to save the configuration and you will get a code. That code must be copied and pasted in the position you have chosen on your website and you must ensure that it adapts to the configuration you have selected before.

You can also choose what type of ads can compete in the spaces you have set, so that advertisers will bid according to the pages and spaces offered in a kind of auction that is contracted in real time.

The registration has finished but until Google sends you the final approval you will not be getting advertising performance to your website. The verification usually takes two days to reach your mail, but this operation may take more days in some cases.

When the code has arrived, your page will begin to produce economic returns for you. The more people visit your blog and the more people click on the ads that are in your posts more benefit. Google only pays for clicks or page views – or also called number of impressions – of your users or visitors to your website.

How is it charged?

In the registration steps of your Google Adsense account between personal data you have had to configure the way of charging your ads. Google is responsible for billing all advertisers and advertising platforms that appear on your websites or your pages and you receive a commission that corresponds directly to you for the number of clicks obtained on your pages.

When you create your account, at all times, you are informed of your income and the statistics of the ads that appear on your blog. You can see the total clicks per ad, impressions, clickthrough rate and total revenue. The tracking of each ad allows you to get an idea of ​​what you can earn with your website.

When you register you must have provided a postal and email address. Payments are made the month after each billing and as long as you have accumulated at least € 70 for the case of Europe. The check, if you have chosen that option, will get you home within 30 days. If you have chosen the bank transfer option, the income will reach your bank between 4 and 10 days. If you have less than that amount you will not receive the payment, until you accumulate the limit that Google makes. You can vary in the configuration the payment limit, but always above € 70, which is the minimum expected. You can charge by check, bank transfer or Western Union Quick Cash, depending on what you choose. Even in your payment plan, it is foreseen, according to the country from which you operate, the corresponding fiscal information.

How much is charged?

It depends. It is a response to Galician, yes, but that is the truth. The sum of your commissions depends on several factors:

The type of ad that appears on your page. You can charge for ad seen or per click. All ads compete in an auction. The Google system chooses those that are willing to pay more and ensure a good user experience (that is, premium those places that give more benefit to Google).

The price of the ads that appear on your pages, because not all ads are worth the same. The benefit you’re going to get depends on the budget the advertisers are willing to spend. It also influences the content of your website and the users who click.

And the amount of products you subscribe with Adsense. Yes, because your way of taking advantage of advertising with Google is not limited to just placing an ad on your website, you can also provide searches to your users, show ads in feeds. The more services you subscribe, the more income is possible.

What is prohibited to do?

A Google Adsense you should not cheat. Never do it. Do not have that temptation because it will end up pillaging you and expelling you from your system forever, so I recommend you be ethical and trust that if your content is good you will have users who will visit you, and if the advertising that is entered in your pages It is good and attractive they will click on it.

What you can not do under any circumstances is:

  • Do not click on your ads or encourage other people to do so
  • Do not post ads on websites that have adult content, including pornography.
  • Do not insert ads in the sites involved in the distribution of copyrighted materials.
  • If you do not have a Google AdSense account.
  • Do not post ads on websites that offer incentives to click on ads.

Soon, I will talk about Google Adwords to complete this part of the circle.

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Paintball Markers Manufacturers from all over the world battle for the title of the best marketer year after year. The big players in the business are DYE , PLANET ECLIPSE , EMPIRE , SMARTPARTS  to name a few. All offer entry-level models as well as high-end products for paintball sports. But which paintball gun is actually the best? We have looked at this question and have put together some basic data for you.


No other paintball marker in the tournament area is currently as light as the Shocker RSX . Smart Parts has significantly reduced the previous limit for the weight of a high-end paintball marker of approximately 800 – 900 g and s (c) squats the market with revolutionary 771g.

The Shocker RSX is not only an absolute lightweight, but also an absolute price bang. SmartParts has set the price well below 1000 euros, thus setting new standards in the under-1000 euro area. A few smears had to be but then, and thus the RSX unfortunately comes without LPR (low-pressure regulator) and the Boltsystem is not necessarily the most efficient. However, the Smart Parts Shocker certainly belongs to the best markers of recent years and has earned its place among the best high-end paintball markers.


The Dye M2 does not decorate the cover of our article for nothing. It is currently the measure of all things in the paintball tournament. Dye has been known for years to know what players want and react to. Performance and performance are a prerequisite for these markers. While Dye has often been dismissed as too heavy or unwieldy in the past few years, the M2 has made it one step ahead and offers ambitious players around the world the best overall concept on the market.


The DYE M2 also received an update at the end of 2017. With the appearance of the DYE I5 paintball mask, the MOS-AIR-SYSTEM was also released by DYE. This system allows the player to connect their mask, marker and hopper to each other, and up-to-date information about the game is fed into the mask via the audio signal, thus reaching the player. Unfortunately still without Heads` UP DISPLAY, which will probably still need a time. All DYE M2 will be delivered with the MOS-AIR system from 2017 onward. An update for the 2017 M2 is, of course, also available. We are excited about what’s coming.


Planet Eclipse has stood for quality from the British Kingdom for years. The markers according to PE are all assembled in GB. This is also confirmed by a cuff of the responsible employee, which is stuck around the triggerguard. The quality of the markers is consistently peak. Very fine Milling and therefore a very good weight.

The last battleship of Planet Eclipse, was the advancement of the well-known GEO, which now belongs to the name CS1. No more hose connections and a sophisticated design give it the distinctive look. Something more powerful, but unique in handling. Planet Eclipse deliberately refrains from furring and bling-bling. It is simple and efficient. Just what the player really needs on the field. Unfortunately this quality also has its price. For this reason, Planet Eclipse Paintball Markers  have not only been the best for a long time, but also the most expensive. But you get a product that is really worth every penny.

This of course was only a small overview, there are still many other manufacturers on the market. But now you know the Paintball Markers models, which probably had the greatest influence of the last years. Do you want more information about the CS1? Then look at the article .


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Best Alternatives to Internet Download Manager [2018]

Internet Download Manager Alternatifi 3 Program

When downloading a file, there is no doubt that a lot of people come to IDM (Internet Download Manager). If the program’s paying people have put you in search of other programs, we have chosen the best 3 download manager for you, no need for this search. Let’s get to know these free programs together.

IDM is one of the best download managers available on the market today, and although it has many unique features, it still has about $30 in costs for a single computer license but IDM crack can save you this cost. We have searched for free download managers which are the most preferred in many file sharing sites.

Here are the download managers with the most preferred free license we choose for you;

1) Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is a free and open source download manager for Microsoft Windows operating systems. FDM was initially put on the market as a paid software, but since version 2.5, free software has been introduced. From version 3.0.850, source codes have been provided as package files to users.

Free Download Manager was awarded the internet user Gold Award in 2007. For this reason, Internet Download Manager is considered as the best open source alternative to the program.

Internet Download Manager Alternatifi 3 Program


►BitTorrent support
►Flash video download
►Remote control
►Advanced audio and video support
►Clear acceleration
►Continue the redemption
► Intelligent file management and powerful scheduler
► Bandwidth usage regulation
►HTML website download feature
► Simultaneous file downloading over specific resources
► Control spyware and malware with the help of the default antivirus program
► and more

2) EagleGet

EagleGet is a free application designed for users to quickly download files to their computers. Performs downloads by dividing files into multiple files simultaneously to increase file transfer speed.

EagleGet users can easily download videos, music, programs and documents with one click. The program is compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. It also supports several protocols including HTTP, FTP, MMS, HTTPS and RTSP.


► Accelerate downloads with multi-particle technology
►Flash video download
► Supports MMS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and RTSP protocols
►HTTP and SOCKET proxy support
►Multi download option
►Personalizable user assistant
► Renewing download addresses
► Download files with one click via Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera and Maxthon browsers
►Download different file formats into different folders
►Download and complete tasks via the task monitor
►Download schedule
► Automatically scan for viruses after downloading
►Turn off the computer when the downloading process is completed, sleep mode options
►Move speed limit to overhead
► Silent mode or Game mode
►Special language support

3) Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is a download manager provided by SpeedBit to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X users. In addition to being useful, ads that have been constantly appearing have caused declines in user ratings.


► 400% faster download
► Bandwidth optimization for high-speed download!
► Preview on downloading music and video files
►All interface and flexible design settings
►Overboard speed reports
►International support
► Best software files for 300 million DAP users
► Advanced accelerator with 10 links
► Removing Zip files
►Unauthorized use (for registered version only)

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Super Mario Run: How to Get Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette in the Game

Super Mario Run is now available for iOS devices also. The game has five characters, but the process of unlocking them is a bit confusing at first glance. So how can you have access to Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette? And these three you can gt on that site with is

These three characters must be unlocked by playing Kingdom Builder. This mode is not available until you play at least one round of Toad Rally, a competitive game in which you compete against an opponent and compete to collect most coins and perform the most elegant moves. At the end of a Toad Rally round, you will receive a certain number of Toads as a reward.

Play at least one Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder mode will be unlocked. Kingdom Builder essentially allows you to buy items, using coins and toads, which you can place on the main menu screen. Some of them are very easy to get and are basically just for decoration, like flowers and mushrooms, which can be unlocked with a few hundred coins.

But there’s also the “special tab” where you can buy more stuff using the Toads you unlocked on Toad Rally. Included in this special category are the homes of Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette, and you will need to purchase these houses in order to unlock the characters.

Just to make things a little more complicated, however, the Toads you win at Toad Rally will come in four colors: red, blue, green, purple and yellow. Homes that belong to unlockable characters require a very specific number of specially colored Toads. You can check your Toads inventory at any time by clicking the “Toad tab” in the top center of the screen.

To unlock Luigi’s house, you will need 150 Green Toads and 150 Purple Toads.

To unlock Yoshi’s house, you will need 30 Red Toads and 30 Yellow Toads.

And to unlock the Toadette house, you will need 200 Red Toads, 200 Blue Toads and 200 Green Toads.

It sounds rather confusing, but essentially to unlock these three characters, you just have to play a lot of Toad Rally until you have enough Toads to buy Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette.

Once you have unlocked a new character, you can change the character before heading to a level by selecting the bubble at the bottom right of the screen and then choosing the character you want to play with. Toad can be unlocked from the moment the game starts by simply linking the application to your My Nintendo account, but Peach can only be unlocked once you have completed all 24 levels of the game.

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Top 5 Best Free MP4 Video Compressors


If you have speed and size issues above all when it comes to your MP4 videos, then you might need video compressors. They are the best free compressors 5 that you can take advantage of it:

  • Wondershare Video Converter Free
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Freemake Video Converter
  • Any Video Converter
  • VSCD Video Converter

Wondershare Video Converter Free

Wondershare Video Converter Free is a very powerful video converter to meet your needs. It supports several video formats like MP4, MKV, MOV, VOB, FLV, AVI and etc. With it, you can easily convert your videos without losing quality and even customize the video settings you want. As for its conversion speed, it converts 30 times faster than other converters.


Support of various video formats;

Easy to use;

It allows setting of “Small size” compress video in a single click.


You need to upgrade to the Pro version if you want more features.

Windows Movie Maker

This application comes with Windows Me, XP and Vista. However, for those who use Windows 7, you can get a free download of the program. This program allows for easy file compression since you simply have to import the file into the program once they have been released. At the same time, the quality of the compressed file will remain as high as the original file. This is because the program does compression optimization for the computer.


It produces high quality compression due to the compression optimization that the program does for the computer;

User interface of the program is quite easy.


It tends to lock up sometimes when working;

There are different versions of the same program that can be a bit confusing.

Freemake Video Converter

This freeware can compress the file into a lot of desirable formats like DivX, WMV, AVI, MKV, ROM and various other formats. It is also possible to compress audio files. They can even compress your MP4 video files to formats that may be compatible with various multimedia devices, such as Apple devices and various mobile devices. You can only choose the format you want to compress.

Must Read This: All in One Converter Free Download


You can easily edit the resulting files from compression;

User interface of the program is quite easy.


There is a charge to upgrade to the gold version.

Any Video Converter

This is free software that offers you plenty of options when it comes to video compression. It can manipulate a number of formats so even with MP3 files that can be played on portable devices. Therefore, for MP4 file compression, this is a handy tool.


You can easily edit the resulting files from compression;

User interface of the program is quite easy.


There is a charge to upgrade to the gold version.

VSCD Video Converter

There are many possible configuration options with this program. You can compress MPEG files for mobile devices like gaming gadgets, mobile devices and iPods. The compression rate of this program is ideal.


You can perform other editing functions

An easy user interface.


Output formats in the case of audio files may be limited.

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The Authority of my Website, what it serves and how to Measure it

More or less when we talk about the authority of a website we all have a vague idea of what it means: the authority of a website is its prestige, the relative importance it has over the rest and, ultimately, value and quality Which has our website. Now … What good is a high web authority?

First, if our site enjoys high authority, Google will be much more forgiving and lenient about techniques that may be morally questionable. This not only protects us from internal faults (who have not missed a link where they should not be link building) but also protect us from external attacks. For example, if a competitor chooses to bombard our website with foul links, our page will not be so affected if it has a high authority (please, if I have perfect authority, how am I going to be so despicable to put a link on a farm Of links). At the end of the post I will tell a rather funny anecdote about this topic.

The Authority of my Website, what it serves and how to Measure it

In addition, the high authority also affects the quality of our links. If we have a high authority, our links will have much more value than other sites with much lower prestige. This in the long run can lead to the temptation to sell these high value bonds.

Anyway, how can we measure this authority?

Basically there are three indicators to measure authority:

The first indicator to measure the authority of a website is the Page Authority of a site. The Page Authority is an indicator created by SeoMoz that predicts the probability of each page of a website ranking well in Google searches regardless of Google (Note, do not confuse page with site, page , A website is a location that includes a multitude of pages organized hierarchically). The Page Authority is measured with a value between 1 and 100. It is important to point out that it is quite simple to increase from 1 to 10, something complicated to increase from 40 to 60 and practically impossible to increase from 90 to 100. To measure it, we will use the Open tool Site Explorer (owned by SeoMoz).

By emulating Page Authority, the Domain Authority is another indicator created by SeoMoz that measures the likelihood that a domain (ie, the particular site) will rank well in search engines. We can also measure it with the free version of Open Site Explorer. Anyway, if you want to measure Page Authority or the Domain Authority with relative frequency I recommend you install this plugin (available for Chrome and Firefox) that will automatically indicate these values, both in the search results and on the pages themselves.or you can check also via some online tool if you have more than 1 domain you can check this Bulk Domain Authority Checker.which is 100% free and easy to use.

The last indicator of the authority of a website is PageRank. PageRank is a numerical value (between 0 and 10) that represents the popularity that a site has on the Internet. This indicator is patented by Google and owes its name to its creator, Larry Page. Its operation is extremely simple: When page A links to page B, page B receives value (what we know as juice) from the first page. The more links you get from different sites, the more your popularity increases. Increasing the PageRank of a website is the main goal of link building. There are many pages to measure. I recommend that you download these SEO tools, where you can instantly see in your marker bar, among other things, the PageRank of each website.


As a curiosity, never forget that the PageRank that these tools mark you is different from the one that Google has in its algorithm. The PageRank we see is updated every 3 or 4 months but the Google algorithm is updated daily so who knows, even my blog has already reached a PageRank 3.

SeoMoz case.

I owed you an anecdote and an example: here you have it. The SeoMoz page has a Page Rank of 6, a Domain Authority of 94 and a Page Authority (the home) of 93. The authority of this domain is practically unbeatable.

When Google wanted to prove that the fruitful links of Negative SEO, created by our competition to smash our SEO position, did not affect the positioning did the test with SeoMoz. The first conclusion was that the Negative SEO did not affect the search results since the positions for the keywords for which SeoMoz was positioned were hardly affected. However, this was something to be expected, since a site with such authority … It is untouchable! But what if the example had done with a page with a PageRank 2, a Domain Authority of 30 and a Page Authority of 28? They eat it!

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The 10 Best Healthy Foods You Need To Be Eating

What are you grabbing for when it is time for a snack? Are you one of those who will devourer a bag of chips in one sitting or do you prefer a granola bar? Whether you are a health fanatic or a snack attacker you should really pay attention to what you are putting in your mouth. Search health food online and you might just head back to the snack food aisle due to confusion. It is not easy to find heathy food that actually tastes good. According to an article on Fitness the ten best healthy foods that you should be eating are as follows:

  1. Lemons: help to prevent the growth of cancer cells.
  2. Broccoli: also helps to prevent cancer cells from developing.
  3. Dark Chocolate: reduces blood pressure.
  4. Potatoes: helps fight off cancer.
  5. Salmon: help fight off heart disease, cancer, depression, memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.
  6. Walnuts: helps to reduce cholesterol and fights off cancer as well as shields you from sun damage.
  7. Avocados: lowers cholesterol and reduces your risk of heart disease.
  8. Garlic: inhibits the growth of bacteria and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.
  9. Spinach: boosts the immune system and good for you eyes as well as a great cancer-fighter.
  10. Beans: lowers your risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

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4 Steps to Host an Exhibition

Dubai has made a name for itself in the world. There is hardly any multinational in the world which does not have its presence in Dubai. It has become one of the leaders in the financial and tourism realms. With state of the art facilities, hotels touching the skyline, technology parks and venues for exhibitions and expos, it has become the most famous place in the world to host exhibitions of any kind.

Adidas exhibition Stand

Hosting an exhibition is constrained with budget allocation and to get the maximum out of the financial resources spent on this. Exhibition designers Dubai understands this and all other concerns that the companies who are hosting an exhibition might have. So Exhibition Designers Dubai has developed a basic plan on how to help the companies hosting an exhibition. The steps are outlined below:

Getting permission from authorities

Exhibition Designers Dubai will help you in this regard by getting your requests approved at the earliest and save you from wasting your time and financial resources.

Selecting an appropriate venue

Venue selection has a lot of impact on the success of exhibition; a mistake in the selection of the venue can ruin the exhibition. Considering your budget Exhibition Designers Dubai will help you in selecting a venue, which will provide a maximum reach to the people.

Marketing your exhibition

It is very important to publicize your event and make people aware of it. Exhibition Designers Dubai, when hosts an event on behalf of any company, makes sure that it is announced at the right time and marketed at the right place so that the message can reach to maximum people and a hype is created about the exhibition in the circles of the concerned people. They know how to use the technique of word of mouth to spread the word about your expo.

Executing the exhibition

Executing the exhibition is a very important task, success or failure of the exhibition depends on the executing, the host company, considering the financial costs cannot bring a full team of employees to execute the exhibition, so they need to hire the staff from Dubai, which is a difficult and time-consuming task. Exhibition Designers Dubai already has a team in place and it will make sure that the event is carried out without any flaws and the visitors are also entertained with food and drinks.

Wrapping and following up

After a successful expo, a lot of business leads are generated, a timely follow-up is very important for the conversion of these leads to business deals. Wrapping up the expo on time is also very important as getting late in vacating the rented premises can cause extra rent and add up to the expenses. Exhibition Designers Dubai can handle both these tasks very accurately for you.

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Which is the Safest Volkswagen Model?

What people look for in a car varies, but they mostly come down to speed, design and safety features. The first two is often what ads feature, talking about how fast a car can accelerate and how smooth it drives. Some even capitalize on the sleek design, but research shows that more and more people are putting weight on how safe cars are, rather than just how aesthetically perfect and fast they are.

We think that’s a reasonable standard, considering your car is your daily companion. It should make you feel secure. That’s especially true if you’re fond of car pooling or driving your spouses and kids to wherever they have to go. Their safety and yours come first. To help you sort through the many cars on the market, we’ve put together a list of the safest Volkswagen models for you to choose from. They combine design, speed and the safety features that you’re looking for.

Smolensk, Russia – October 01, 2016: Volkswagen Jetta parked near the country house.


If you’re looking for a standard view on which car is really the safest, then look no further that government crash tests. It’s unbiased all most car companies are tested. In these tests, from frontal collision to side crash, Passat 2016 scored 5 stars. That means that, in case of those types of accidents, the chances of survival are higher for the passengers. Even the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety concedes that this mid size sedan is indeed one of the safest cars on the market. They claim that a 2016 Passat’s seatbelts provided optimal protection in case of a rear impact.


The 2016 Golf is one of the most award-winning cars when it comes to safety. It’s even dubbed as the safest Volkswagen on the market. It got a 5-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and it was one of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s top picks for safe cars available on the market.

If you’re looking for a smaller car to drive, then this is probably your best option. Its airbag installation is full proof, covering front side, the side curtain and the driver’s knees. It has anti-lock disc brakes, traction and stability control and collision warnings and sensors. Anything that could keep you safer, they’ve added as a feature to this car.


Any choice for a family car should first be inspected for safety features, and if you do, 2016 Tourareg will pass with flying colors. It’s the SUV for the family. Being a mid size luxury model, it can accommodate a lot of people and luggage. Its towing capacity and engine are not bad either. In fact, they’re reasons enough to buy this car, but both those features cannot rival the safety system of this model.

Like other Volkswagen cars, the 2016 Tourareg is equipped with the standard Volkswagen safety technology. In addition to that, it also comes with its own Technology Driver Assistance package. This program makes the car extensively safer because it covers almost every collision point, like the front, blind spot and rear. There is a warning system set up for your blind spot, when you’re switching lanes and in case you’re close to a frontal collision. It even has an automatic braking system and a rear view camera. If that does not say safest Volkswagen model to you, we’re not sure what will.

For more information about Volkswagen and other European car safety visit:

Elite Euro
3/33 Dellamarta Rd
Wangara WA 6065
08 9309 3636

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