Tips to prevent back pain with back to school

Soon the holidays are over for the little ones in the family who must return to school, and as it is known that backpacks can damage the back of children, today we leave you some tips to prevent back pain with back to school . To do this, we have used the prevention campaign called “The comics of the back” that the Kovacs Foundation and the Medical College Organization of Spain have launched this year.

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Here are the tips to care for the back with the lap to school:

Avoid physical inactivity and exercise: taking the precaution of heating well and stretch before and after exercise, as well as gradually progressing in activities, we should exercise to strengthen the back, in this way we will have less risk of suffering discomfort .

Do not load your backpacks in excess: take only what you need and if you have the possibility choose backpacks with wheels.

Take the backpack correctly: put the two straps to load the backpack in the back, and be careful that the weight is in the middle and lower back. Also, make sure that the backpack and its load remain attached to the body. Sleep in a proper position: avoid sleeping on your stomach and try sleeping better on your side or on your back to adopt a sleeping posture that does not hurt your back.

Take care of your posture: if you know that you have a problem in your spine or feet that alter your posture, try to correct it to avoid discomfort whenever you load your back or move.
If your back hurts do not lie in bed: immobilize or lie in bed in the presence of pain in the back is useless and even harmful, it is convenient, on the contrary, to maintain the highest degree of activity that allows the pain.With these tips, the back of schoolchildren should be more protected and away from possible injuries due to excess weight or the bad way to move the backpacks.

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