How To Get A Refund On iTunes

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To get a refund on iTunes, you have to request a refund directly from Apple. Apple is responsible for dealing with all payments and refund transactions. If you want to request a refund, you can contact the Apple Support. There is a very easy guideline for to that allows you to get a refund on iTunes.

  1. First, Go to the iTunes and choose the iTunes Store link that is located on the left-hand side
  2. There is an arrow that is located next to the user name at the top-right corner.
  3. Hit the account button
  4. There is a ‘Purchase History’ button positioned about half way down the screen. Click on the button.
  5. In the lower portion of the page, there is the App Store Purchase history. You just need to click the button named ‘Report a problem’
  6. Now place the application that you want a refund for along with the iTunes invoice.
  7. Then, hit ‘Report a Problem’ link
  8. If the app was bought a while ago place it with the last purchase section and tap the expand arrow to get back a Report a Problem link.
  9. Now fill the form and make it sure to provide a complete detail. After finishing, click on the ‘Next’ button and you are done.
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Excellent Massage Technique For Back Pain

The best option is to use a massage table because it is specially designed to provide ease, complete with a face support that offers alignment of the spine. If you have no massage chair or table then you can go for alternatives such as a couch, bed, or a floor can be used for the massage. Though every option has its own limitations as there are height and comfort issues that might be faced if you choose any one of them.

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Place a soft mat

There is no need of any mat if you are using a massage table, but if  you are using something else like floor or any other table, then don’t forget to place a mat down for the comfort of the patient. The mat should be about 2 inches thick to give a complete comfort. Must take care of hygiene and spread a clean sheet to provide comfort and sanitation for the person. The room should be warm, but not hot. You can play a light music to relax the person and lights should be dim.

Pour massage oil in the palm

Don’t use the oil in large quantity. About one teaspoon of oil is enough, rubbing it with your hands and apply to the back of the patient.

Use gliding movements

After spreading the oil, use gliding movement with your hands along with strokes. Make use of your entire hand and start massaging from the lower back and move towards the upward direction. When you apply the pressure go from lower to upward direction as it is the direction of blood flow. Now make your hands down outside the back in a very light manner. When you bring down your hands, then here is no need to apply pressure just maintain a pressure free contact with your hands. Repeat the step three or five times, but you should consider the pressure from low to medium in order to warm up the back muscles. Neck area and shoulders are the vital parts to provide comfort to the patient so must consider those areas during the massage.

Use petrissage techniques

In it, shorter ad circular strokes are used with relatively more pressure. Palm, knuckles, and fingertips are used in this technique with a little-rounded motion. The movement should be the spine core, then go from corner to corner to the whole back within 2-5 minutes. If you are new in this field, then use only low to medium pressure and avoid applying higher pressure.

Apply percussive strokes

Percussive strokes are the collection of short and recurring contacts with the parts of the hand. Keep your wrist relaxed and use instant motion to perform percussive stroke. There is no need to apply much pressure.

Use muscle lifting technique

Just lock your fingers and seize out your thumb. Now apply pressure by lifting movement. Repeat the process 2-3 times.

Use a fanning technique

Use a fanning movement with the help of your hands by standing at the head of the table. This technique is applied by extending your thumbs and push lightly in a downward direction. This massage is only applied on the either side of the spine.

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