The Best Android Messaging Apps of 2017

There is no doubt that smartphones have revolutionised our way of communicating thanks to the messaging applications and their free messages. At the end of the day, we can end up sending and receiving hundreds of messages, something that was unthinkable 10 years ago when we had to pay for every SMS we had to send.bu these day sms sending is very easy and you can send free of cost via some online web included SMSPUNCH and some other site on internet.The market for messaging applications continues to evolve, with new actors appearing on the scene, others that go unnoticed and others that continue to evolve so as not to be forgotten. In our selection of the best of 2017, we will know the best messaging applications that have been chosen by the editors of Xataka Android.

Third … Google Allo

The third place we have given Allo, the new smart messaging application with which Google seems to go all out to compete against its great rival WhatsApp.Google Allo has it very difficult to unselect WhatsApp, but the Google proposal has seemed very good, with the Google Assistant bot integrated and its intelligent answers that will help us to speak without having to write. In the few months of life has not gone from improving by adding new features.

The Best Android Messaging Apps of 2017

The second place is for … WhatsApp

The second place we have given to the most used messenger service in the world. WhatsApp continues to boast spectacular numbers, sending more than 42 billion messages a day.Still, with those figures, we must point out that WhatsApp does not fall asleep, has not stopped improving its application, adding end-to-end encryption to make our conversations safer, text formatting, animated GIFs, mentions, draw and Add stickers in photos and videos and recent video calls.

The winner is … Telegram

The first place we gave it to Telegram, the eternal WhatsApp rival that does not finish taking off but still has the best and most complete messaging application that the competition copies.Telegram is the application that has received the most improvements and innovations during this 2016, as its supergroups of up to 5,000 participants, the edition of sent messages, the mini-game bots, the integration with IFFT or the YouTube floating player.

Hangout Special Mention

Our selection has been left out Hangouts, and that was first in last year in our selection. This messaging application from Google has endured very well this 2016 although hardly received news. The most important news that Hangouts has received this year is sending videos.Hangouts are presented with 2017 in the shadow of Allo, who seems to take now all the pampering of Google. Hangouts seem to focus more on the professional sector and Allo the user on foot. We’ll see if next year Hangouts gives us surprises.

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