The 8 Best Social Networks On Android

It begins to seem that if you are not in a social network you are nobody. We are all at least one, but the average is in the membership of two or more social networks, and there are those who spend all day hooked without being able to stop uploading their thoughts, photos or links of interest. And in case you may not be one of those who know all of them below we show you a list of the ten best social networks for Android, each with its usefulness and its particularity, ranging from the most popular, Facebook, to other less known as Path, through Twitter, LinkedIn, Tuenti, Google+, Badoo, Instagram, Pinterest and Foursquare.


And we’re going to start precisely for the number one application in both Android and computers. Facebook arrived not too long ago in our lives and yet it seems that we are nothing without it. However, there are many criticisms that hover over the application of Facebook for Android, either by the way it has to slow down the system or by the errors that sometimes produces. However, there it goes, to share your life with all your contacts, upload photos, videos, comments, links, and everything you want.



Precisely everything that is criticized to Facebook seems to be one of the strengths of Twitter. The fact of being a much simpler application based on short messages makes it much faster and more dynamic when sharing content, whether texts, photos or links of interest. Make the world follow you on Twitter and follow everyone to get in your hands all the hashtag of today.


As it happens to Facebook, Tuenti’s Android application does not turn out very well in users’ evaluations either. Similar to Facebook, with status updates, photographs and chat, but focused on capturing a younger audience, this application is accused of functionality and interface design problems. There is a variant with a more attractive visual appearance, but it seems that this is still more entangled than the main application.


The guys at Google, as usual, are at the forefront of designing applications for Android, and it’s not for nothing that Google+ is one of the best rated in Google Play. After its latest update, Google+ has been given an impeccable look that adapts to the format of your screen and that you will see as if it were a magazine of articles that you can also move and changing its place and importance according to your interests. It has a section called “Nearby” that allows you to see the interests of people in your surroundings, and another of interesting topics, in case you want to know something more than what your contacts say. In addition you can update your status, your photos, and your links, and link them with some of the many other Google applications, such as Google Maps.


Path is born with the vocation to become a social network that brings together your most intimate circles, like your best friends and your family, instead of being a place to collect thousands of contacts that in the end you do not even know who they are. This social network is assembled with a simple, pleasant and functional design, which makes it an application highly valued by users. You can update your status, share photos and links, and chat without stopping.


But if what you are interested in is the opposite, that is, knowing people outside of your circles, then you are looking for an application like Badoo. Badoo is a contacts app, where you can create a profile to find people that suit you and your interests to chat and, if you’re lucky, end with a romantic date. This social network has millions of users all over the world.


In a moment of crisis like the one in which we find ourselves, profiles of entrepreneurial workers are needed. And the social network to hang those profiles is LinkedIn, and if you do not know, then you’re late. Create your professional profile and contact other professionals to know where the world navigates in your sector of work. Share job searches and get information about employer companies to find jobs that fit your characteristics.


Instagram is the social network in images. Tell everything you want to tell, but do it with a photo or a video. Take photos from the application itself and treat it with filters and Instagram effects to make it look pretty and show it to the world. Become a follower of your friends and family, or of strangers whose profiles interest you, and have everyone follow your profile thanks to your images.

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