What is Google Adsense and How to Configure It To Start Giving Benefits

We have explained in a previous post that advertising in Google Adsense is not the same as in Google Adwords. Remember that both platforms are free.So, we did not delve into how these platforms worked. Today we are going to do it with one of them. And we will start with Google Adsense, so that your website can produce extra income as soon as possible. Just do not embalm them. Do things well. Understand the process well and above all, and this is very important, let your website at least be operational in the network for a few months or be positioned on the first page of Google searches before creating your Adsense account and enter ads in your page. Here it is advisable to follow the Spanish proverb: “dress me slowly I’m in a hurry”.

When you create the web design of your business, you can, if you wish, reserve spaces for advertising on your page. Remember that we always work with WordPress. From this platform it will be much easier when integrating your ads, but it is compatible, of course, with Blogger or with any platform with which you design your websites. What happens is that with WordPress you will find plug-in that will help your advertising spaces to position themselves better. In everything there is strategy and you have to take care of all the details, if possible. So, with WordPress better. It is our advice.

Adsense on Blogger Everything You Need to Know Before Enrolling in the Program

The first thing is to have foreseen in the design of the pages of your website that there will be advertising (I do not only speak of the cover, since you can put ads within each of the posts you write or in other pages of the menu of your website). You must have foreseen how many announcements you will enter in your pages and in what position they will be seen. From that moment on, you can ask Mr. Google to integrate on your page the advertising of other brands or services that may be interested in appearing inserted among your contents. This is done through its Google Adsense tool, which is nothing more than an intermediary between advertising brands, advertisers, and you or people who are dedicated to creating web publications, online content, bloggers, video bloggers or creators of Apps. .

The spaces you have reserved for ads work as advertising blocks. The spaces will be available to Google so that others can, automatically, through Google Adwords, contract their advertising strategies online in the reserved space that you have designated. Yes, I said well. Advertising companies will hire their campaigns in Google Adwords and their ads will appear on those web pages that have been registered as support for those ads through Google Adsense. There is no magic in the whole process. It is a system that is perfectly studied and programmed and in which scam rate is very low, 0.3% of operations. All this is possible thanks to a programming developed with tracking algorithms that take the browsing data of users who perform a search on specific content. if you using any rewrite content you will be caugt by google if you already did that and your adsense got banned and want to check your adsense is still avaible or not you can use this free adsense banned checker tool by seotoolnetwork .These searches can take you to your page that responds to the profile of those searches and thanks to the traffic that Google brings you, you will have users who, if they click on the ads on your website, will report an economic benefit.

When you access this platform, the reserved spaces that you have planned for your website compete in a kind of market that works by bidding, as if it were an auction, to which many companies that wish to advertise go. As a result of that auction, the page with the highest bid will appear on your page. Google works with more than one million advertisers. You, as a support, you can choose what kind of ads can appear on your website and where. Also, if for any reason you want to block an advertiser you can program it.

In real time you will have statistics and metrics of how your Google Adsense account is going. You will know which ads perform the most and you can modify the configuration to test if you can optimize your results better.

What you have to do?

The first thing is to sign up and create an account in Google Adsense. If you do not sign up, you will not be able to configure the ads to appear on your page. Once you have registered a Google Adsense account you must log in.

If possible, register an email account in Gmail. That will make things easier. Remember that you are within the Google environment and that this is the largest Internet search engine in the world, so if you use your tools you will do better. Therefore, if you do not have a Gmail account yet, get one. Remember that it is also free.

After logging into Google Adsense, you must indicate the URL of your domain where you want Google Adsense ads to appear. If you have several websites or pages enabled for mobile you can also index them. Then you select the language of your website or online sites that you have and where you want to allow ads from third parties outside you. Finally, you have to accept the Adsense policy.

In addition, you have to provide different contact information requested by the template and send it to the Google Adsense manager.

Once you have completed all these simple requirements, Google makes a first verification and approval of your data. This operation will take a few seconds. After the registration and the first approval, it is time to configure the ads you want to appear on your page.

At this time, you must click on ‘my ads’ and click on that option. Then you choose to create a new ad block that will take you to a configuration screen where you can specify the instructions for your reserved space. For example, the size of the ad -which is measured by pixels-. You have to think about where you placed the ad and the space you have thought for it. Ideally, put a large ad and that is located in the header of your post, if you want to get more advertising performance. If you do not want to be so bold with the advertising market you can configure smaller spaces on the side of your blog. Obviously, these ads report fewer benefits.

Besides the size, which you see is very important, you have to tell Google Adsense if the ads you admit are text, you can enter static images or even admit both inserts. When you have specified it you will have to save the configuration and you will get a code. That code must be copied and pasted in the position you have chosen on your website and you must ensure that it adapts to the configuration you have selected before.

You can also choose what type of ads can compete in the spaces you have set, so that advertisers will bid according to the pages and spaces offered in a kind of auction that is contracted in real time.

The registration has finished but until Google sends you the final approval you will not be getting advertising performance to your website. The verification usually takes two days to reach your mail, but this operation may take more days in some cases.

When the code has arrived, your page will begin to produce economic returns for you. The more people visit your blog and the more people click on the ads that are in your posts more benefit. Google only pays for clicks or page views – or also called number of impressions – of your users or visitors to your website.

How is it charged?

In the registration steps of your Google Adsense account between personal data you have had to configure the way of charging your ads. Google is responsible for billing all advertisers and advertising platforms that appear on your websites or your pages and you receive a commission that corresponds directly to you for the number of clicks obtained on your pages.

When you create your account, at all times, you are informed of your income and the statistics of the ads that appear on your blog. You can see the total clicks per ad, impressions, clickthrough rate and total revenue. The tracking of each ad allows you to get an idea of ​​what you can earn with your website.

When you register you must have provided a postal and email address. Payments are made the month after each billing and as long as you have accumulated at least € 70 for the case of Europe. The check, if you have chosen that option, will get you home within 30 days. If you have chosen the bank transfer option, the income will reach your bank between 4 and 10 days. If you have less than that amount you will not receive the payment, until you accumulate the limit that Google makes. You can vary in the configuration the payment limit, but always above € 70, which is the minimum expected. You can charge by check, bank transfer or Western Union Quick Cash, depending on what you choose. Even in your payment plan, it is foreseen, according to the country from which you operate, the corresponding fiscal information.

How much is charged?

It depends. It is a response to Galician, yes, but that is the truth. The sum of your commissions depends on several factors:

The type of ad that appears on your page. You can charge for ad seen or per click. All ads compete in an auction. The Google system chooses those that are willing to pay more and ensure a good user experience (that is, premium those places that give more benefit to Google).

The price of the ads that appear on your pages, because not all ads are worth the same. The benefit you’re going to get depends on the budget the advertisers are willing to spend. It also influences the content of your website and the users who click.

And the amount of products you subscribe with Adsense. Yes, because your way of taking advantage of advertising with Google is not limited to just placing an ad on your website, you can also provide searches to your users, show ads in feeds. The more services you subscribe, the more income is possible.

What is prohibited to do?

A Google Adsense you should not cheat. Never do it. Do not have that temptation because it will end up pillaging you and expelling you from your system forever, so I recommend you be ethical and trust that if your content is good you will have users who will visit you, and if the advertising that is entered in your pages It is good and attractive they will click on it.

What you can not do under any circumstances is:

  • Do not click on your ads or encourage other people to do so
  • Do not post ads on websites that have adult content, including pornography.
  • Do not insert ads in the sites involved in the distribution of copyrighted materials.
  • If you do not have a Google AdSense account.
  • Do not post ads on websites that offer incentives to click on ads.

Soon, I will talk about Google Adwords to complete this part of the circle.

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